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Wii Sensor Bar

Introducing the wired remote motion sensor bar ir infrared ray indicator for nintendo wii u! This unique product includes a wired remote motion sensor that can be attached to a surface for easy motion sensors for your device. The nintendo wii u also includes a powerful infra-red camera that makes setting up motion sensors and indicator lights a breeze!

Sensor Bar For Wii

Thesensor bar is a new app for the wii u based on therovage of bulk sensor readings from your wii u. This makes it easy to add bulk sensor readings from other devices to your wii u, making it a more efficient way to monitor your wii u's performance.

Sensor Bar

The sensor bar is aleted from the nintendo wii u system controller and is made up of several interconnected sensors and little else. It includes a front-panel sensor that collects input from the controller's buttons and sensors, as well as a bar-code reader and a mobile app. this is a wireless remote sensor bar that uses ir radiation to detect andbrand new infrared ray's. This bar is perfect for those who want to use their wii u without taking up a lot of space in their house. this wired remote motion sensor bar ir infrared ray inductor for nintendo wii is perfect for upkeeping your wii u. With its digital read out and clear images, this bar is perfect for near me. the wii remote sensor bar is an official oem wired sensor bar for the nintendo wii u. It is black in color and has a varlon logo. The bar is designed to allow your wii u to communicate with other devices within range, such as tv's andicators. This bar is necessary to allow for more accurate and responsive control over your devices.