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Tpms Sensor

The tpms sensor is a true愛織技術ánd of the most recent era. It is a 4-piston, oiled, blackened-steel diffuser that sits atop the engine. The device momentum edition isunknow about the driver and includes an integrated, high-quality, 4, 000-mah battery that makes it easy to make a return trip to the car dealership. The tpms sensor is also available in a variety of colors and styles to make your car more comfortable to drive.

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Best Tpms Sensor

This set of tpms sensors for the chevy gmc 13586335 are designed to help drivers monitor your tires' pressure while you're driving. The sensors are add-on's to your existing tpms system and ensure your tires are at the correct pressure while you're driving. this sensor is for the toyota 4runner lexus ls460. The sensor is located at the bottom of the car. It goes into the car for sure! When it's not needed, you can remove it by hand. The sensor has a code that allows you to check the air pressure on the inside of the car. The code is 4260733021. this 4pcs new oem tpms tire pressure monitoring sensor is for the gmc acdelco 13586335. It is an aftermarket unit that is designed to work with your car's tire pressure monitoring system. This sensor helps to keep your car safe by monitoring the level of pressure on your tire as you drive. the tpms sensor is a precision sensor that monitors the tire's pressure and fires off an instruction to the car's computer when it falls below a set point.