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Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

The manifold absolute pressure sensor is a great choice for a vehiclemap or traverse product. It provides readings in inches of absolute pressure and road noise during a driving experience.

Top 10 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

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Best Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

The manifold absolute pressure sensor is a great fit for the ford mercury econoline pickup f150. It produces absolute pressure information which is necessary for vehicle design and maintenance. This sensor also functions as a warning system for drivers. this new absolute pressure sensor from manifold is a great auxiliary pressure sensor for your car. It is currently available in 16249939 style fits buick cadillac chevrolet. It is made from precision brass and plastic and has a rubber feet for stable use. this is a 12223861 fit gm 3bar buick gmc chevrolet absolute pressure sensor. It's a pre-wired sensor that goes into the gasket between the air box and the vehicle block. It's located at the back of the block near the air filter. This sensor is pre-wired and requires no programming. It's a good sensor for systems like rollerscoop or ekg. this is aatures the presence of the map sensor in the engine and can be used to inside or outside of the engine. The sensor is made of316lbi and has a self-contained, self- pancake stage that provides 7. 4 bar absolute pressure at 12 v. The sensor is attached to the engine by a gpio.