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Fuel Level Sensor

This fuel level sensor will communicate with the level sensor on your fuel pump to indicate the level of fuel in your engine. The sensor is underneath the fuel filter and is usually included with your fuel scan program. This sensor can help keep your engine running smooth andfreefuellevelsensor.

Fuel Level Sensor Ebay

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This fuel level sensor is a 52mm water fuel level gauge sensor that indicates the current fuel level inbility to use with a 240-33ohm fuel level sensor. The gauge has a green light and a readout is the fuel level in cylinders 0-1. the fuel level sensor sending unit is responsible for sending information about the fuel level in the car to the driver. This information can help drivers better see the car is running properly and avoid being foraged if something goes wrong. this is a fuel level sensor for the hyundai santa fe. It is main fuel level sensor and it is fit for the car 2006 2007 2008 2009. The sensor is located at the main connection point of the fuel system. this fuel level sensor is designed to monitor the fuel level in your vehicle and send signals to the driver to indicate the approximate fuel level. The sensor is compatible with vehicles with a tank depth of 5-27 inches.