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Fuel Composition Sensor

This is a flex fuel composition sensor for the 2000-05 chevrolet tahoe gmc yukon 5. 3l 12570260. It is used to monitor the fuel composition of vehicles. The sensor indicates the fuel composition of a vehicle is unknown, so the driver should not drive without the sensor.

Fuel Composition Sensor Ebay

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Top 10 Fuel Composition Sensor

This fuel composition sensor is for the gm e85 flexible fuel. It is connectable for 3 pin gm e85 flexfuel comercial or retail. The sensor is made of plastic and metal case. The fuel composition sensor has a microbrewer logo and the word "sensors" on the front. The back has a digital readout and the word "sensors" above the digital readout. The sensors have a plastic and metal design and are made of metal. The sensors have a digital read out and are made of metal. It is a 100-level digital sensor thatblacklists various fuel types and monitors the level of fuel in the engine. this fuel composition sensor is new for the 12-13 impala. It is a 10-17 equinox sensor. It comes with a 10-17 equinoxindia sunroof. This fuel composition sensor has a capability to detect fuel composition (mmi) and measure the ud brand a/c capacity. It tells the driver how much fuel is left in the engine. The sensor is designed to beep and indicating system designers might also want this sensor on other types of vehicles such as trucks, cars, and even machines with combustion engines.