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Bafang Speed Sensor Extension Cable

This speed sensor extension cable is perfect for attaching to your ebike, providing you with all the benefits of using a bafang speed sensor. With a standard electrical connector, this cable makes it easy to connect to your device, while the 1624 inch length makes it possible to verify the connection quickly and easily.

Bafang Speed Sensor Extension Cable Amazon

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Best Bafang Speed Sensor Extension Cable

The bafang speed sensor extension cable is a great way to add an extra speed sensor to your ebikes. It is 1624 inch long and has a black color code. It is also equipped with a bafang logo. The cable is able to terminates at an ebike. This cable is perfect for adding an extra speed sensor to your ebike. this cable is for the electric bike bafang. It is an extension cable for the speed sensor on the bike. The cable is long and has a small size for easy storage. The cable is made of heavy-duty nylon for durability. The color is dark blue with white symbols for numbers. this speedo extension cable for bafang speed sensor ebike is perfect for those who are looking to add a speed sensor to their bafang speed sensor ebike. The cable is made from 100% satisfaction guarantee quality and has a flat head connector for easy use. It also has a black color that will look great on any ebike. this is a speed sensor extension cable for the bafang motor. It allows for.