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Acura Tsx Tpms Sensor

If you're looking for a tire pressure sensor compatible with the acura tsx 42753-tl2-a52, then we've got just the thing! This sensor is compatible with the 2007-2022 acura tsx 42753-tl2-a52, so you can enjoy your vehicle more. With a read code, it can tell you how much pressure is on the tire, so you can keep an eye on your pressure level. Plus, it has a built-in temperature sensor, so you can enjoy your ride without ever having to take it in to service.

Tpms Sensor Acura Tsx

The new acura tsx is a great investment. It has a great sensor that is perfect for heart rate data collection. The heart rate software is also really easy to use and gravemind is a great provider. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a data collection tool.

Top 10 Acura Tsx Tpms Sensor

This acura mdx rdx 42753-stk-a04 tire pressure sensor is a 4x tire pressure sensor that is associated with a honda pilot acura mdx. The sensor belongs to the mdx family of vehicles and applies research and development (r&d) for acura. The sensor has a capacity of 0. 5 psi and is associated with the acura mdx. this acura rdx mdx 4x tire pressure sensor oem tpms chip is for the acura rdx. It is apsolutely beautiful! The thy have done an amazing job on this chip and it shows in the quality of the product. The pressure sensor is also brand new and has a goodulously good performance. This is an amazing product for the acura rdx mdx and makes for a better driving experience. the acura tsx and rdx have a new tire pressure sensor. This sensor does not have a label and is new so the car will operate correctly. This 4pack ofpacks of utensils for the tpms is perfect for the car. The package includes 4 items: -Tpms 4pack -Us -4 page tirenforcing valve -Fast ship -4 page tpms data sheet This acura tsx has a 4pc 42753stka04 tpms sensor and it is attached to the left arm rest. When the car is in motion, the tpms sensor will identify the pressure decline and then maintain the pressure level.