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2008 Honda Civic Tpms Sensor

2008 honda civic tpms sensor for 2022-2221.

Best 2008 Honda Civic Tpms Sensor

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2008 Honda Civic Tpms Sensor Ebay

This is a 2008 honda civic with a tpms sensor. We can set the tire pressure sensor for it. This will help keep your car safe and easy to use. the 2008 honda civic tpms sensor is designed to comply with the 22 nm wavelength band of the adobe shocks and sports car format. It is attached to the cigarette lighter, under the car by a small harness, and then through the car's kessler-style airtight seal to the tire. The tpms sensor has a small, metal, easily identifiable body with a blacked out lens and a single, small, red light on it. The sensor is attached to a white cable with a honda crest logo on one end and a “2008 honda civic tpms” inscription on the other. The sensor is also included with the crv and crz models. this is a hardware object, which involves a sensor that#58;solves the tpms problem for honda civics. The sensor is a pressure sensor that#58;solves the problem of getting the car to run with out the tpmsm. the2008 honda civic tires pressure sensor set of 4 includes four pressure sensors to assist you inroling your honda cr-z cars's tire pressure. The sensors are aa11-16 on the left side of the sensor is the model number and the a is for air, d is for diesel, f is for gasoline, and the -1 is for when the sensor is turned off. The sensor is made of metal and has a metal nauco logo. The left side of the sensor has the brand and logo, and the right side has the model number and the ecu type.