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2004 Tahoe Tire Pressure Sensor

This new set of tpms tire pressure sensor for the gmc 2004 chevrolet silverado tahoe is perfect for anyone looking for an effective and reliable way to collect data on your vehicle's performance. This system uses a wheel-based sensor that collects data continuously from the tire all the way down to the most minute level, giving you a real-time understanding of the pressure on the tire.

Best 2004 Tahoe Tire Pressure Sensor

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Cheap 2004 Tahoe Tire Pressure Sensor

This 4pcs tire pressure sensor is for the chevrolet silverado tahoe gmc yukon 2004. It includes the regulator, housing, and cable. It provides pressure readings of 10 psi to 30 psi. this 2004 tahoe tirepressure sensor system is designed to monitor the tire pressure in your car. If you experience tire pressure problems, the tahoe tirepressure sensor system can help you determine the culprit. The system can report the value of pressure in tire, if the tire pressure is lower than 30 psi, the system will report the information in the message board or display a warning if the tire pressure is over 40 psi. this bike has a 3-in-1 system: you can use the tyrepressure sensor for gm 2004 chevrolet silverado tahoe 315mhz. this is a sensor that readings the pressure of the appropriate size tire and sends the information to the computer, so you can easily fix problems. this 4 2004 chevy suburban tpms tire pressure sensor oem replacement is for use with vehicles with a tire pressure sensor function. When this sensor is in use, it will monitor the vehicle's tpms sensor and providecorrected tire pressure as well as**** if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-usa-papers. this 2004 tahoe tire pressure sensor is an ideal replacement for those who want to keep their tire pressure open while driving. The sensor is made of precision metal and plastic and has a correct reading rate of 10k into/out. It is alsoclimate-omatic with a timer to keep you organized. car tire pressure sensor car tire.